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What happens to my pension on divorce?

After the family home, a couple’s pensions often form the largest asset on a breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership. Pensions are tricky financial instruments and it is easy for people to become bewildered by the issue of sorting pensions. However, as one of the most significant assets it is vital that both parties have proper and appropriate resolution.

What happens when the honeymoon is over?

You are back from honeymoon, the dress has been packed away, and the cake is in the freezer waiting for your 1-year anniversary. But what if you realised you made a terrible mistake, and you do not want to be married anymore?

Don’t fall into the Remarriage Trap!

If you are planning to remarry, following a divorce, the time is now, to ensure you have resolved your financial claims with your ex-spouse prior to your big day!

What to do if your split is amicable but you don’t want to go to Court

When marriages break down, couples are increasingly attempting to resolve their financial claims between themselves, rather than instruct solicitors. Some couples do so for a quick resolution to their situation or to avoid costs. Others believe that they can see an obvious fair solution to their dispute and an agreement arises easily.

Are you facing a No Fault Divorce?

Clients often ask what to do in situations where their marriage has broken down but it is not necessarily the fault of either party.