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Spousal Maintenance payments

I have lost my job, do I still have to pay my Spousal Maintenance?

In these uncertain economic times, this is a highly relevant question to be answered.

In situations whereby a couple have separated and finalised their Matrimonial claims against each other by entering into an Order of the Court, there may be a provision that provides for one party to pay maintenance to the other on a monthly basis for a set period of time.

This may be in respect of child maintenance (for the upkeep of the children) or spousal maintenance (to support the spouse in meeting her outgoings) or in some circumstances, both. 

How do I Enforce a Court Order which has been made in financial proceedings?

If one party defaults on the terms of an Order made in financial proceedings following divorce, there are various methods available to enforce the Order depending on the type of Order that has been breached.

Should I transfer my property to my children?

Many people believe that if you transfer your property to your children, it can reduce your inheritance tax liability on your death. There are many points you need to consider when transferring your property and a few are listed below.