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Is the Coronavirus Pandemic a Barder Event?

2020 has been a difficult year at best for everyone. In March the government told us all to work from home and for many businesses this meant they had to close their doors. For some this was temporary but for others it was a permanent closure as despite the government schemes they could not afford the impact of lockdown.

Virtual Mediation for Families

With the new restrictions in place, separated and separating families are looking to find alternative methods of resolving disputes between them either in relation to children or divorce and finances.

In response to this need, Watson Thomas Solicitors now offer a virtual form of mediation to assist parties who wish to resolve issues which arise between them during the period of “lockdown” relating to the Coronavirus.


Business as usual

Following government requirements, we have now closed our two offices, save for the purposes of Will signing.   However, we continue to operate a full system on a remote basis and are able to offer the same superior level of service to our clients both new and existing.

Child Arrangements and Coronavirus. What Should I Do?

With the spread of the Coronavirus and government’s recent decision to close schools to all children other than to those of key workers, many separated parents are understandably confused and worried about childcare arrangements and the risk of illness. The most important thing is keep open good lines of communication between both parents and to remain focused on the best interests of the children.

Can I Get Divorced in Self-Isolation?

In these uncertain times, many people are exploring a new world of home working, virtual meetings, and chatting with friends on a screen instead of in the local coffee shop.