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Costs and funding

Divorce brings many uncertainties

The cost does not have to be one of them.

Financial uncertainty caused by a divorce or family law issue can be reduced by a clear understanding of up-front costs.

We provide different options to accommodate our clients' financial circumstances and guarantee cost transparency.

Fixed-fee divorce only package

Our divorce only fixed fee package gives clients a cost-effective option that provides upfront cost transparency while maintaining the necessary professional support and guidance.

This package is for couples looking to dissolve their marriage without any financial and property disputes or child arrangements. 

The fixed fee offer is only for uncontested divorces, and can be used if you are the applicant (person applying for the divorce) for £750+ VAT plus a court fee of £593, or the respondent (your spouse is applying for the divorce) for £375 + VAT.

Not all divorce settlements will be suitable for the fixed-fee option, so please be aware of that. In such circumstances, we provide an hourly pricing package that is better suited to your requirements.

Terms and conditions apply

Hourly rate package

This package, which is frequently used for more complicated cases, is billed on an hourly basis, with costs that vary depending on the experience of the people in your legal team working on your case.

One of our lawyers will thoroughly review your situation with you to determine the amount of work required before giving you an estimate.

As a result, you will have complete clarity on the anticipated costs moving forward. You will receive a precise estimate of the work involved, the team member performing the task, and the hourly rate.

While we make estimates as accurate as possible, it can be difficult to predict how cases will evolve (which can depend on the other party). If anything changes, we will immediately consult you to explain the changes and get your agreement before we carry out any further work. 

Terms and conditions apply

Help funding your case

There are a number of external lenders who offer bespoke funding to cover legal costs, taxes and fees. In some circumstances, repayment is not required until the case is over.

We cannot recommend providers, but we have working relationships with lenders, including: Ampla, Novitas and Level.

The availability, interest rates and other terms will vary per lender. It is important to receive financial advice before undertaking any loan application.

Legal aid

In 2013, the government cut legal aid funding for most family law cases.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer legal aid to our clients, as we do not have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency.

You can find out more about Legal Aid here.