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Virtual mediation


Virtual mediation for families

We have adapted our family mediation service to offer a virtual form of mediation that will help parties who wish to resolve family issues, to do so remotely, rather than needing to travel to a specific location.  There is still the option of meeting in person if that is preferable.

How can virtual mediation help?

For families with children, virtual mediation can be used to assist with specific issues such as helping to resolve conflicts relating to covid, for example disruption to schooling, self-isolation, shielding, vaccinations.  It can also provide a platform to discuss and help resolve longer-term discussions, such as the appropriate arrangements for the children or parental responsiblity.

We conduct mediation using a video conferencing tool. We start by having an initial meeting with each parent individually. At that meeting, we discuss the issues and understand each parent’s position. We explain a little about the mediation process.

We would then arrange a joint mediation session. Ahead of that mediation we would send out an agenda setting out the items to be discussed during that meeting.

Mediation would normally take two sessions and sometimes a third meeting is needed to conclude matters.

Divorce and finance

The virtual mediation sessions can also be used by parties wishing to separate or divorce.  It will provide opportunity to explore an agreement to find a way forward for both parties. Divorce proceedings can be issued and financial agreements prepared and filed at Court. This can all be agreed and actioned on a remote basis through mediation.

How much does virtual mediation cost?

The costs of virtual mediation varies from £500 plus VAT for one session, to £2000 plus VAT for a series of meetings, leading to a financial agreement.

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