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Finding amicable resolutions to parent disputes

Watson Thomas Solicitors are highly experienced in advising parents and acting on their behalf in relation to all legal matters concerning children.

As with much of our work, there is often an international element and we are accustomed to liaising with practitioners in other jurisdictions outside of the UK.

Disputes concerning children can relate to parental responsibility, residence (formerly custody), contact, financial provision and unlawful removal, and may involve jurisdictional issues.  We understand that disputes concerning children are distressing.

Our advice is designed to minimise upheaval and disruption and will always ensure that the child's welfare is the primary consideration.  In the first instance, we will seek to resolve matters by way of correspondence and mediation/collaboration but where that is not possible, then the Court provides an ideal forum to achieve a resolution.

Child law issues we can assist with:

  • Change of name 
  • Court Orders for Children –
    Residence Orders, Contact Orders, Specific Issues and Prohibited Steps
  • Adoption and Surrogacy
  • Child Abduction
  • Child Molestation
  • Child Representation
  • Family Mediation

Watson Thomas Solicitors have offices in Fleet, WinchesterGuildfordBracknell, Camberley, Farnborough and Woking.

If you would like to find out more about the child services we provide, please call on 0330 311 9849.

FAQ'S On Child Law

When is a child classified as being ’at risk?

A child is classified as being ‘at risk’ when they are risk of harm whether emotional, physical, sexual, mental or psychological or that they have suffered harm already. If there is a significant risk then Children’s Services will be involved. The child may be on a child in need plan, a child protection plan or the subject of Care Proceedings in order to protect them and reduce that risk.

What is a Prohibited Steps Order?

A prohibited steps order is an order that prevents someone from taking a step without the specific consent of the Court in respect of a child. Examples including preventing someone from moving where the child lives, changing the child’s name, changing the child’s school or removing the child from the care of a specific individual. Any person can be subject to a Prohibited Steps Order even if they are not a party to Court proceedings.

Does a child attend Family Mediation sessions?

Not always. Generally, mediation is between the parents. However, some mediators are accredited in child inclusive mediation meaning that they can involve the child in the mediation process. This does not involve the children having the same equal status in negotiations as the parents do but the mediator meets with the child and ensures that their voice is heard within the mediation sessions.

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Our family law services include: