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Top 10 Facts about Parental Responsibility

Here are top 10 facts about parental responsibility that you should know:-

1.  Parental Responsibility is automatically granted to the mother of a child, and to both parents if they are married when the child is born or marry afterwards. If unmarried parents are listed on the birth certificate and were present at the registration of the birth of the child they will have parental responsibility. If one parent was not present, but is listed on the birth certificate, they may not have parental responsibility.

2.  If you have parental responsibility you can take your child on holiday outside of the UK during school holidays or in agreed contact time so long as you notify anyone else who holds parental responsibility. You do not need consent if the holiday is for less than a month.

3.  You cannot change your child’s surname without consent from all holders of parental responsibility.

4.  A child’s school must be decided by consent from all holders of parental responsibility.

5.  Relocating a child within the UK or abroad must be done with consent from all holders of parental responsibility.

6.  If the child changes address but this does not affect contact arrangements or school arrangements then no consent is needed.

7.  If you wish to encourage your child to take part in religious or spiritual pursuits that differ from the other parent’s beliefs, you do not have to notify nor seek consent from the other parent. Children are encouraged to learn and experience all religions within their family.

8.  If your child needs emergency medical care, you do not need to seek the consent of all holders of parental responsibility but you must notify them that your child is receiving medical care.

9.  If you do not have parental responsibility, but you want it, you can enter into a parental responsibility agreement with the parents who do have it or seek an order from the Courts.

10. Parental Responsibility is not seen as the rights of parents, but the duties of parents. Each parent must encourage a healthy relationship between the child and both parents respectively. It cannot be used to control these relationships.

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