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If I am the Respondent in divorce, do I need a solicitor?

We are often asked by clients whether they need a solicitor to deal with the divorce process when their spouse has started divorce proceedings. The easy answer is that it is entirely up to you, however, to be on the safe side, we would answer yes!

Do we still need Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trusts in our Wills?

Every individual can gift up to what is known as the Nil Rate Band (which is currently £325,000) on their death before their estate becomes subject to Inheritance Tax. Any amount gifted in excess of the Nil Rate Band is taxed at the current rate of 40% unless passing to an exempt beneficiary such as a spouse or charity.

My partner and I rent our home but we have broken up – who gets to stay?

When a couple separates and they rent a property jointly it is not easy to decide who should leave, especially when both want to be able to stay and for the other to leave.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document which allows another person to make decisions for you in respect of your finances and/or your health when you are unable to make such decisions.

Are Probate Fees increasing?

In November 2018, the Government announced that probate fees would be paid as a sliding scale which will depend on the value of the estate. The Government were planning to implement the change from 1st April 2019 however it appears the changes still need to be approved by Parliament and no date has been set for this to happen.