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What to expect from your free initial consultation with Watson Thomas

At your initial free consultation with Watson Thomas Solicitors, we aim to answer your questions and give you a clear understanding of your options available to you depending on your circumstances. We understand that arranging your initial consultation is a big step in a very difficult time of your life, so we aim to try and reassure you and give you the knowledge you need to deal with the situation that you are facing.

free initial consultationThe first appointment is very much a fact finding process. We will ask you to explain your circumstances and why you are seeking our assistance. We will discuss the reasons for the breakdown of your marriage and your options in regard to issuing divorce proceedings or formalising your separation, explaining the process and costs as we go. If you are considering Divorce proceedings, it can be helpful to bring your original Marriage Certificate with you as this will be required by the Court.

If you have children, we will discuss their immediate needs in light of their parents’ separation and the future arrangements for their care. If you are having trouble in agreeing how to share the care of the children or have concerns as to your spouses’ ability to provide care for them, we can discuss your options to resolve this without having to attend Court.

We also aim to give you a brief explanation as to how the Courts will view your matrimonial finances and the possible outcomes available to you. The information we may request will include details of your current living arrangements, your own and your partner’s assets, income, savings and pension and future expectations.

We will aim to explain the processes available to you to reach a fair resolution in your case and will provide information as to all alternative dispute resolution methods such as Mediation or Arbitration, as well as the Court process if required.

Watson Thomas Solicitors also appreciate that a big concern to many of our client’s is the potential costs of these unknown and normally unwanted proceedings. Unlike other Solicitors, we will provide a clear structure of fees at the initial appointment customised to your case. We provide fixed and/or capped fees, meaning that you know the worst-case scenario you are facing from the start.

At the end of your free initial meeting, we aim to ensure you have a better understanding of what is ahead and reassure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For further information or to book a Free Consultation please get in touch with us iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 01252 622422.