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We offer a free initial appointment for most enquiries. There is no time limit for these meetings and we aim for the meeting to take place at a time to suit you. We also offer face to face, video or telephone meetings to allow you to speak at your convenience.

The free initial appointment is intended to provide advice for people who find themselves needing legal assistance of some kind. The initial appointment provides broad advice on your situation, based on the facts you provide to us; but we cannot provide you with more specific advice until you are signed up as a client of the firm and we have more detail from you.

The free initial appointment will outline your options and the costs involved. We will also set out what we need from you to proceed. The information we provide during an FIA is not to be relied on as legal advice for your specific circumstances as we do not have sufficient information on which to advise.

We do not offer a free initial appointment for general advice on hypothetical situations, or for advice when required on specific documents. We will advise you when you book with us if your enquiry does not fall within the FIA and we will offer you the appointment with one of our lawyers at their hourly rate.

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